Experts’ Insights: Anthracnose

Anthracnose is not a new problem on golf courses. In fact, a team of researchers from around the country and Canada have worked for more than 20 years to dispel anthracnose myths and promote best management practices. This research team includes experts from Rutgers University, including Bruce Clarke, Ph.D., an Extension specialist in turfgrass pathology, and James Murphy, Ph.D., an extension specialist in turf management, as well as graduate students.

While it’s readily known that anthracnose strikes annual bluegrass and bentgrass, the research team set out to discover how management practices could influence the severity of this disease. One myth to dispel concerned the role that topdressing has on the disease, which was believed to be wound-induced.

Experts from Quali-Pro, Nufarm, Syngenta, and PBI-Gordon Corp. share their thoughts in the full article from Golfdom.  Continue reading about anthracnose management practices while reducing the usage of fungicides here.