Have You Considered BlueMuda?

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Have You Considered BlueMuda? 

Presenters: Dr. Tom Samples, Univ. of Tennessee & Tom Nielsen, Louisville Bats

Overview: This presentation will provide a thorough overview of the chemical and cultural management implications of managing BlueMuda on sports fields. Attendees will be asked the following questions and provided research-based answers to each query.

  • Are Kentucky bluegrasses and bermudagrasses compatible?
  • Won’t one species dominate the other?
  • Is the turf as uniform and as high in overall quality in the summer as it is in spring and fall?
  • What rate, time and method of inter-seeding works best to minimize weed infestations?
  • Foliar feed or granular, extended-release nitrogen; how does this affect disease and weed infestations requiring chemical control​?
  • Are plant growth regulators and wetting agents helpful in management?
  • Disease, insect and weed control concerns: what are the best options for controlling pests in BlueMuda fields?

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